Department of Education (U)

Department matters :

  1. Matters relating to monitoring of proper implementation of Plan Schemes for Government Colleges including Grant-in-aid Colleges with a view to strengthening of the Colleges.
  2. All Matters relating to :
    (i) Strengthening of academic staff.
    (ii) Strengthening of Science, Arts, Commerce and Law faculties.
    (iii) Development programmes for construction/renovation/repairing of works for Govt. Colleges under State Plan and financial assistance from NLCRP, ACA and UGC, etc.
  3. All matters relating to :
    (i) Extension of Grant-in-aid to 7(seven) Govt. Aided Colleges.
    (ii) Extension of development grant/lump sum grant to some selected Private Colleges including 5 Women’s Colleges under the Scheme of Promotion of Women’s Education. The Girls/Women Colleges include 2 Govt. Colleges.
  4. Matters relating to faculty development programme which includes Refresher Courses, Orientation Courses, Training of teachers in new method of evaluation, Training of teachers in Computer Courses, Improvement of quality of teachers through research work etc.

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