Project Name:
Setting up of Manipur State Wide Area Network under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP)

Nodal Department:
Department of Information Technology Government of Manipur.
New Secretariat, North –Block Imphal-West, Manipur – 795001
Email address:

Implementing Agency:
National Informatics centre( Government of India ).
Manipur State Centre New Secretariat, Ministers Block, Room No. 79,Imphal

Overview of the Project:
State Wide Area Network (SWAN) is going to be the key factor for successful implementation of e-Governance in the state of Manipur. Therefore, Department of IT, Government of Manipur proposed to establish State Wide Area Network (SWAN) in Manipur. This network shall have a Data, Voice and Video transmission and dissemination. The network shall be utilized for the inter-Departmental connectivity, multi-user and multi-service facilities, video conferencing, email, on-line application processing and query. SWAN shall enable better communication and information sharing to allow the officers to work more effectively, resulting in cohesive administration. The implementation of SWAN will cover strengthening of existing and future intranet at the State Secretariat, CM secretariat, Government Departments in the state capital, District Headquarters, Sub-Divisions and Block headquarters with the existing and proposed gateway infrastructure. SWAN shall be a secured network for the state of Manipur and would be based on VSAT and Leased Circuit.

The salient features of the proposed network are:
1. Implementation of Manipur State Wide Network (MANIPUR SWAN) should be in a phased manner. The first phase covers vertical connectivity from State Secretariat to the all District, Sub-Divisions, and Block Headquarters for Voice, Data, Fax, Video and Internet. The second phase is Horizontal connectivity from the State Secretariat, District Headquarters, Sub-Divisional Headquarters & Block Headquarters for Voice, Data and Internet.

2. Integrate able with LANs (SecLAN etc), WAN, State Data Centre, Communication Networks etc.
The network shall provide secure links with sufficient speed and bandwidth to allow the exchange of information among the Government Departments.

3. The network should strive to support all the users in the area of Network management, problem management and technical support. It should have central monitoring system to monitor the status of the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24X7).

4. The network shall incorporate proven security techniques to prevent unauthorized access to the network, restrict to access information and systems and secure transmission of information.
Defined end-to-end quality of service (QoS) mechanisms to guarantee no degradation of service for voice, video or data on the network.

The following services will be available in MANIPUR SWAN:
1. Data
2. Voice and Video Communication.

Network Layers:
Primary Tier consisting of State Head Quarter (SHQ)
Secondary Tier consisting of District Head Quarters (DHQs)

Point of Presences (PoPs):
The Point of Presence (PoP) is a network distribution hub which is located in the State Headquarter, District Headquarter (DHQ), Sub-divisional Headquarter (SDHQ) and Block Headquarter (BHQ). All the Internet/Intranet will be provided to various offices through PoPs. The SHQ, DHQ and BHQ/SDHQ POPs wil be located at the Secretariat Building. DC’s Offices and BDO/SDO’s Offices respectively.

List of PoP in Manipur: