Government of Manipur
Directorate of Transport

Operation Process in DTO Office

  1. Customer comes and gets new vehicle registration forms and Customer Application Form (CAF) for HSRP from dealing Assistant.
  2. Customer after filling all the details in both the forms goes to dealing Assistant for the process.
  3. At the time of payment for vehicle registration certificate, cashier give the Serial number in CAF HSRP form and then the cashier send the customer to HSRP office for payment for HSRP.
  4. In HSRP Office we raised the payment receipt once the CAF is sign by the DTO or MVI and give the original payment receipt copy to the customer. We ask customer to come on specified date.
  5. In evening we received the MVI List from MVI i.e. Vehicle number tally with Serial number.
  6. After that we enter all the details in server and issue for embossing of HSRP where the plate is ready.
  7. On specified date the customer comes for fitment of HSRP. Once the vehicle is fitted with the HSRP we give the fitment acknowledgement forms to the customer. (In fitment acknowledgement form pencil impression of chassis number will be there).
  8. Then the customer comes to DTO Office alone with the fitment acknowledgement form to get Registration Certificate.

Vehicle Registration Certificate is issued only after the fitment of HSRP.